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This versatile seasoning will add flavour to a variety of dishes. Available in 60g & 200g jars.

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This versatile seasoning will add a chilli hit to a variety of dishes. Available in60g & 190g jars.

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A versatile all round garlic based seasoning with notes of onion and paprika. Great to add a savoury flavour to any dish.

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For a delicious savoury flavour with a hint of pepper, add 1 teaspoon per serve of meat or vegetables.

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For a great savoury flavour with less salt* add 1 teaspoon per serve of meat or vegetables.

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This versatile seasoning will add flavour to a variety of dishes. Available in 65g & 200g jars.

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Herbs & Spices

MasterFoods® has a range of quality Herbs & Spices to satisfy every mouthful. Create something from scratch with our Herbs & Spices or make meals more exciting with our herb & spice Blends. With a sprinkle or a spoonful you can create flavour in every meal.

New Herb & Spice Jars

Have you seen the new look MasterFoods Herbs and Spices jars on shelf?  We’ve improved our packaging to make it easier and faster to find the product you are looking for!  

A-Z Herbs & Spices

MasterFoods® Herbs & Spices help you create a world of possibilities at home. For all your flavour needs look through the MasterFoods product range from A-Z.

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Perfect for

A delicately balanced blend of herbs and spices perfectly suited to chicken, beef, lamb, fish and vegetables. Simply sprinkle or rub Perfect For® onto your chosen protein and cook as your preference for guaranteed deliciousness every time. Located in the Herbs & Spices aisle.

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Masterfoods® have taken out the guesswork and blended the best herb & spice combinations to make meals more exciting.

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Gourmet Selections

MasterFoods® Gourmet Selections give you the best quality Herbs & Spices for that extra flavour and presentation to make your creations a masterpiece.

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Salt & Pepper

Salt and Pepper are the heartland of Herbs & Spices. MasterFoods® provides you top quality Salt & Pepper in a number of formats to make sure flavour is always on hand.

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Wet Herbs & Spice

MasterFoods® range of Crushed Spices gives you the flavour of fresh Garlic, Ginger and Chilli without the hassle of having to chop, crush or peel. Spend more time on creating tasty meals.

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