Our Farmers

Our Farmers

We’re committed to sourcing home-grown Aussie produce whenever possible. We have longstanding relationships with Aussie farmers who we know and trust, and consistently deliver us the best quality produce so we can help you create healthy, tasty meals.

Handpicked Chillies

Queensland chilli farmer Trent De Paoli and his team have been supplying us with their spicy chillies. Trent handpicks his chillies and purees them on-site to lock in all the freshness and goodness.

Juicy Tomatoes

Our 10-year partnership with Kagome and tomato farmers like Nick Raleigh is incredibly important to us. Grown in the Victorian sunshine so they’re packed with flavour, Nick carefully nurtures his plants from planting right through to harvest to produce ripe, juicy tomatoes - a key ingredient in many of our products.

The Secret to Carrots

Father and son team, Barry and Robert Hinrichsen are passionate Aussie farmers who started Kalfresh, one of Queensland’s leading carrot growers. A family business, Kalfresh has crops in five key growing areas so they can supply fresh, delicious carrots year-round. What’s the secret to their sweet, great tasting carrots? Barry and Robert will tell you it all comes down to harvesting. Harvest too early, or too late and carrots lose their sweetness and flavour.